1. Counselors should place students on the Transfer Students for Slate 2021-2022 when they are enrolled.
    • The data can be sorted by going to Data in the tool bar and selecting “Filter Views” and choosing “Needs Completed.”
    • Counselors should click on the box in column B to indicate that they have completed the required information to enroll a student in the competencies in Slate.
  2. Students should be enrolled using the Enrollments Dashboard found in Slate under Tools.
    • Choose the correct Graduating Class in the drop down for Students.
    • Select the competency that is being enrolled for the student under rubric
    • Students should be enrolled in portfolios by grade level except for Math and Wayfinding. The Enrollments Beginning Levels chart provided should help.
    • If a student has finished the competency area completely and will never be doing the competency again, then the portfolio should be flipped to blue.
  3. Find the student to enroll. If they have not been enrolled, then they will be blank with white boxes.
    • If the student is incorrectly enrolled, then use the Flipping and Rolling Back Portfolios page to correct the mistake.
    • Click on the empty boxes to change the portfolio enrollments. If you click to far, then keep clicking to cycle back around and start over for that box.
  4. Every competency area must be enrolled for the students.
    • When every competency area has been enrolled for a student, go to the Transfer Students for Slate 2020-2021 and click on the box in column a to designate that it has been “Completed in Slate.”