1. Verify the information in Skyward for students.
    • Look at the students current class enrollment.
    • Look at previous Grade marks for courses.
    • Look at Transfer Students for Slate 2020-2021 for student information from counselors.
    • Contact counselors if more information is needed.
  2. Check the Competency Dashboard to see if ratings need to be moved:
    • Do not move ratings that helped them to reach a high enough average to flip.
      • Move back an ratings that are in a higher portfolio that should have been in the lower portfolio.
    • Pay attention to the required number of competencies required for each specific competency (i.e. ELA 2.3) designated by the number of boxes. If 2 are required, then the highest 2 ratings averaged to get them their average rating.
  3. If students need ratings moved, then put them on the Slate Ratings to Move sheet for Tom Gaffey to move.
    • Each competency with ratings that need moved will need its own entry on the sheet (i.e. if the students need ratings in ELA 1.1 and 1.2 moved, then 2 entries for each competency would need to be entered).
  4. If students need to have their enrollments rolled back, then you must fill out the Portfolios to Roll Back form. Then contact Tom Gaffey as he is the only one that move portfolios back.